Welcome to GeneSense: an online resource in genetics and genetic medicine for health professionals, provided by the University of Plymouth. GeneSense aims to demystify the subject of genetics by placing it in the context of authentic case studies. This enables key issues in genetics to be highlighted and how they relate to current practice for health practitioners. GeneSense has been developed to address the new UK competencies in genetics and genomics for nurses and midwives, as well as addressing those priorities identified for healthcare professionals in a number of discussion and policy documents.

GeneSense is a collaboration between academics and health professionals (both students and qualified practitioners). In addition, we welcome contributions from patients/clients and their families and from associated support groups. Without stakeholder involvement, we will fail in our intention to provide a resource that meets your needs. Consequently, if you have any suggestions about the GeneSense resource, please click on the feedback button that can be found at the bottom of most pages.

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